Sunday, October 12, 2014

Langkawi - Mangroves

Ibby's journal entry for Mangrove trip 
Naani and Pops <3

Fam Pic

Shells!  They were amazing mashallah

Checkin out the monkies

Our tour guide.  He was awesome.  Taught us so many interesting things like:
-If you're ever lost in the jungle, do what monkeys do.  What makes them sick will make us sick and what they can eat, we can eat.  Follow them and drink the water they drink as well.
-Horn bill birds are monogamous.  If one partner dies, the other partner will stay beside them and basically just wait there for death.
-When female eagles are looking for mates, they look for smaller males since they will be more agile and able to defend them from predators.
-The mangroves are trees that grow in the water, they have a filter system to take the salt out of the water.  When you open the stem it looks like a cigarette filter and serves the same purpose.  For any salt that does enter the plant, it shifts the salt to one selected leaf and then that leaf eventually falls off.
-Vipers are very venomous, however they are blind and deaf and move quite slowly.
-There were jelly fish in the water.

Cant think of anything else. But subhanallah it was really an amazing experience.  We were out on the water for about three hours (with two breaks). Alhamdulilah kids were very well behaved and really enjoyed it as well.

Pops enjoying the ride

Baba taking a picture of the viper.  I didn't get a very good picture. 

Naani n Pops

The cave we were going to drive through, but the tide was too high so we weren't able to

At the bat cave

The tour guide talking about bats


More bats!

Inside the cave

Baby monkey

The guys about to walk through the bat cave and through water.  My mom, Summaiya and I went the other way so we wouldn't have to walk through water

Going through

Fam pic

Back at the beach

Watching the sunset at the beach

Yusuf's journal entry for our Mangrove tip

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  1. So much everyone has learned on this trip. The memories of this trip will be so helpful for them in schooling. I'm so glad you have them making journals.........keep doing that