Sunday, September 7, 2014

Canadian Curriculum

I have been asked numerous times what books I use with the kids, and to be honest, I not kept consistent with many curricula until recently.  For the last couple years, we have just done selected worksheets from different books and websites.  We did remain consistent for the first level of Math U See ( however Yusuf developed an aversion to it so we stopped), and we are almost finished the second level of Life of Fred, but besides that, nothing else.
While visiting Canada a few months ago I saw a friend was using this so  picked it up from Costco.
MashaAllah we have really enjoyed it and are almost finished.
There are some topics that I expand on with other worksheets and stuff, but for the most part, its been a success alhamdulilah.
If you're looking for something comprehensive (it covers four subjects), and interactive for the kids, but not overwhelming, I highly recommend giving these books a try!

Can't figure out how to rotate this pic........There you have it, Im not as tech savvy as I pretend to be.........

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum wr wb. I am a fellow homeschooler with a 3 and a 5 year old mashallah. I have to tell you, you have inspired me a lot! Mashallah you're doing such a great job with your kiddos. My duas are with you and I hope I can homeschool my kids like that too ameen. A quick question: You seem to be using Canadian curriculum but you moved overseas for a bit. Does the choice of curriculum depend on which country you live in? My kids were born in Canada but we're in the US now. Can we use Canadian curriculum and register them in Canadian school? Jazakillah khairun for the inspiration!