Monday, August 22, 2011

Dua List

Since the last ten nights have approached, Yusuf and I were talking about laylatul qadr.  For those readers who arent aware of what laylatul qadr is, it is called the night of power and this is the night which Allah sent the Quran to Prophet Muammad.  It is sometime in the last ten nights, most likely an odd night but we do not know exactly when (there is wisdom in this: it encourages us to do extra worship all throughout the ten nights and not just on one).  This night is better than a thousand months and if one stays up this night to do worship it would be as if he had worshipped for 1000 months.  We make extra prayers and supplications.  Something I have personally done and also heard of others doing is making prayer lists so that you dont forget anything :)  Allah is the Most Merciful, the Most Kind and the Most Generous and we should shy away from asking Allah for anything.

So anyways, today Yusuf and I made a dua list for him.
This is what he asked me to write:
(this is the order he said it, and most of the things he thought of himself but some things I kinda 'guided' him with )
-Oh Allah, please give me an astronaut suit and a rocketship
-knowledge of Islam
-make me a good muslim
-give me and my family and friends Jannah
-protect me from bad people and Jahannam
-make me healthy
-take me to Chucky Cheese
-take me to Saudia Arabia to visit AbdurRahman and to see Makkah and Madinah
-take Momma and Baba for Hajj and then let us all go for Umrah  together
-let me help the orphans and poor people
-help the people in East Africa
-allow me to memorize the Quran
-make me an imam like Sh Alaa and Sh Bilal

People to make dua for :
-poor people
-Momma and Baba
-Dada and Ami
-Naani and Pops
-GG and Papa
-Baby Muhammad
-Chaachi and Kaka
-Khadijah and Jawariyah
-Chaachi's uncle (who passed away this month)
-Prophet Muhammad SAW
-Amina Khala
-Musa and Musa Hassan
-Baba's new work

Then we decorated the list with sparkles and stickers.
May Allah answer all of our duas in these blessed nights, Ameen.


  1. typo: *shouldn't* shy away from asking Allah swt anything!

  2. this is great! I'm sad I'm not on the "people to make dua for" list :(

  3. so sweet <3, i'm just glad we made the list..hehehe