Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today we did our first lesson from the book called "Muhammad and Maryam" which is part of the ad-duha curriculum set I recently purchased. Alhamdulillah so far were loving it. Today's lesson was an introduction to Muhammad and Maryam who are twins around the age of four. The entire book is based on their life and questions / experiences they go through. Today's topic was the Oneness of Allah. After the lesson there are some discussion questions. And in the teachers manual there was an art activity to make a diorama of Muhammad and Maryam's room. I thought it was a great idea because it will give us more of a connection to the characters in the book inshaAllah. Yusuf isn't a big fan of art activities but we really enjoyed doing this together. He gave me a lot of his own ideas and input. InshaAllah I will continue to update the blog about the progress we make with the ad-duha books!

Yusuf wanted there to be a mesjid outside the house and drew stairs

Maryam's side of the room

Muhammad's side of the room. Note the soccer balls, trophies on the shelf, and movable prayer mats on the ground.

The lid / roof for the room. Ibby decorated it with stickers. He loves stickers and had a blast putting them on.

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  1. MashaAllah this looks like a lot of fun! I am so excited about the Ad-duha curriculum! and your updates! (I missing them!) May Allah give you tawfeeq to benefit from the set beyond what you had imagined! Ameen