Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Play Doh

Today we made playdoh. I followed a recipe from my friends blog but it didnt turn out too well. It was a recipe which required cooking and Ive done non-cook recipes in the past and prefer those much more! Anyways, we got creative n used beet juice to color one blob of playdoh (again, the idea taken from her blog) and used different things to make the other blobs smelly. We used Babas atr (perfume), lavendar oil, and lemon juice. Again, the playdoh wasnt that great but it was a fun experience. Last year I got a huge container of cookie cutters for like $1 so I took that out, Ibby also had a great time, except when he decided to taste test the playdoh... he wasnt impressed :)

Ibby taste testing.


  1. ibby's face expression! love it...Hanan did the same thing!! but she acctually liked it! lol kids!!

    hey why don't you try following her recipe I tried it with one blob it was good.

  2. I miss the updates busy lady!!